How do you find your very first users for your marketplace app?

by Mellonie Francis Fri Mar 6

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Developing a collective marketplace is tricky and complex. It requires suppliers and then the customers for those suppliers. Moreover, you need a massive plan in order to attract the customers and to finally focus on making a profit.
Big plans like this can be expensive and they take time. It requires manpower, extra attention and overtime and at the start of a project you might not have those. In order to make your business work you need to be smart and one step ahead of yourself. Let me help you sort it out a little:

Use social media groups

The most common and popular way would be to go active on some of the existing platforms where your buyers and suppliers are most likely to be found. It can be an offline route or and online one. Currently one of the trending places are Facebook groups or Instagram’s advertisements that have a link attached with it.
These platforms simplify discussions that allow possible suppliers to promote their product, and also convinces the buyers to share valuable information on dependable locations in order to get their hands on that particular type of goods and services.

Trying already existing platforms

Take Etsy or Airbnb for example. These companies made a huge profit from such strategies in their early times. Etsy, an online marketplace for vintage goods used an offline method by visiting craft fairs across the country. There they sniffed out potential craft vendors and successfully set up an online store.
Airbnb on the other hand hired property owners to help invest in their site. They fished out personal contact information about the property owners and made them put their houses on their site and by adopting this method they already had a lot of houses ready to go.

Using any strategy possible

It’s good to think big but it’s vital to get the business running at its initial stages. Anything that attracts even a single customer is better. The road to success isn’t that short and easy. Nowadays almost everyone uses social media. Thousands of advertisements are there every single day. It almost feels like there is a new one every day.

Making an impact on the market

It is said that first impression is the last impression. One of the most powerful ways to get popular fast are gossips between people.

Five out of ten people who visit a business post something about it or discuss it with their friends or family. If you’ve been kind to that one particular person then there’s a great chance that they’ll visit
again. Maybe if you’re lucky they might bring a friend who knows.
People who use taxis to get to work daily might be familiar with the strategy Uber used at first in order to gain popularity. At first, when they launched the app and started this new concept, they used their own cars driven by professional drivers and made the customers make their place in the market. As a result, in a short amount of time they gained approval of the people fast.

Predicting the right time for the launch

It is vital that you pick the right place and time for your application. It can have a great impact on your sales and also your service.
When you are making a plan on how to attract more and more customers to expand your business the focus should not only be on the number of customers you make but to attract the right customers and also provide them with the best service.

Try partnerships

It is vital to have an already informed community or an audience that are familiar with the services that you are offering before launching the app. Target buyers can be contacted through simple content marketing, such as blogs or email subscriptions.

Ambassador programs

It is considered a really effective way of promoting a business at present. Using the customers to attract more customers. Most of the companies select potential students, workers or vendors to promote their
app and in exchange give them some of the app services for free. The basic job of these people is to spread the word around. The more customers they attract the more benefit they get. It’s all about greed and I must say it works really well.
In the end, it’s all about the right approach. The more you know about the market before you step into it, the more beneficial it will be for you in the long run.


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