The Roundup Of Worst Websites For 2019!

by Mellonie Francis Fri Mar 6

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When you design a website, what are the factors you consider important? Do you prioritize appealing aesthetic? Or adding unique and trendy effects?

Although the interface is important, the user experience provides a satisfactory outcome. If you opt for a custom web design, you must remember that the functionality of your website is more significant than the interface. When designing a website, you should be able to present your ideas or product in a precise way.

How To Design A Website With Good Functionality?

Contacting a professional web development and design company is your best bet when opting for a custom web design. Professional web designers can help you design a website from scratch, and easily turn your vision into reality. The following are some key factors of a good web design

  • Simple layout
  • Attractive themes and color pattern
  • Well-organized content and design features
  • Aesthetically pleasing interface

It is also imperative to stay mindful of common mistakes when it comes to web design, and how they can be evaded. Let’s look at a few bad web designs to get an idea:

Top 10 Badly Designed Website

1. Typesetdesign

The web design of Typesetdesign misses a very important element that makes or breaks a website – Contrast. A clear contrast helps visitors to identify the fundamental information of the page they visit. It helps the user to concisely read and understand the info. A good web design should primarily ensure that the text and pictures are highly comprehensible. 

2. Arngren

The bad element of this web design is the lack of grid and bad navigational structure. The content, graphic, and random color themes are mashed up together, creating an unintelligible mess. A good website design ensures that everything is in the right and relevant place. 

3. TheWeddingLens

Theweddinglens clearly lacks a responsive design framework. When loading this website on a mobile, it displays an entire page with a poor interface of plaintexts. There is no mobile version of this website; hence, users are unable to open the website on their phones. If a website has a poor responsive design framework, the business is likely to lose visitors as they would not want to revisit a website designed like this and go through the hassle.

4. Pacific Northwest X-Ray Inc

This website has a mixed color palette with strong color choices. However, the theme looks outdated and bland. It utilizes conflicting background and text colors that make it difficult for the users to read and comprehend the text. Furthermore, the navigation is also difficult for the users. All the aforementioned factors combined are a recipe for web design disaster. A good web design should have a decent and concise design and interface, and should comfort the visitor’s eyes. 

5. Gatesnfences – Poor navigation and operations

The most important feature of navigation for a website is obvious. Upon logging into your website, a user should be able to know the next steps to make, and the necessary actions they should take to reach their desired result. The navigation must be appealing to the eye and should be accessible for the user on the top of the webpage. Avoid confusing your user and opt for a website with a good navigational structure. 

6. Uat – Bad Link and incorrect CTA setting

Dead website links creates a lot of fuss for the users. How often is it that we click on a website and it turns out that the website is dead? It usually leaves us disappointed. You should check your links regularly through tools such as Website Link Checker. Give minimal CTA choices to your users to help them easily make a selection.

7. Wateronwheels – Inconsistent style

Wateronwheels adapts a very erratic style. If you want your website design to turn out smooth and comprehensible, you should utilize specific elements that suits the theme of your business. If you opt for different elements from various designs, you will have a messy website that looks meaningless. On wateronwheels, the text area uses distinct colors and varying font sizes to emphasize the info. However, the text on the second level messes with the composed categorized interface.

Summing up

A custom web design means a well-designed interfaced with high functionality. It also needs to take into account aesthetic, usability, graphics and content. 


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