How Substandard Digital Marketing Strategies Can Hurt Your Brand?

by Mellonie Francis Tue Mar 10

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The digital marketplace is fast-paced, and consumers have more opportunities to compare services before they make a final decision. When designing your marketing strategy, you must consider that your target audience has a multitude of options.

Therefore, it is best to adopt a marketing approach that is innovative. In today’s times, we can’t expect the same results from traditional marketing methods.

Businesses are becoming more and more competitive when it comes to marketing strategies.  The way you launch your product or service in the market greatly affects the response you will get.

Digital Marketing is consistently evolving. It is the right time to change the conventional marketing techniques, which are mainstream but ineffective, as they may be causing more harm to your business.

We have outlined some of the outdated marketing strategies that you should stop using:

Strategizing Digital Marketing without Emphasis on Search Engine Invisibility

As a business, you must always consider the fact that your website will most probably be your first chance to create a lasting impression on your potential customers. Therefore, you must note that you won’t get the opportunity to achieve that without being visible on the search engines.

Most companies spend an excessive amount of funds utilizing the same keywords while placing bids on the words that the customer is highly unlikely to use when searching for their products or services. Such strategies are just raising the profit of the search engine companies while consuming the marketing resources of the business without any considerable outcome.

A great strategy consists of correct keyword phrases, no overbidding on word, and connecting the keyword phrase with the offer. 

What are the next steps in order to replace these mainstream but outdated marketing strategies?

If you are seeking immediate and conspicuous results in digital marketing, there are professional digital marketing services offered by web development and design companies. They design the most effective strategies for you that help you meet your business goals effectively. 

Quantity Over Quality Content

Many websites run to add content to their website to keep their clients updated. They either do this on the websites, blogs, or social media platforms.

While it is an effective strategy, the phrase ‘quality over quantity’ really comes into perspective here. Your clients love to stay updated, but they don’t want to be spammed, at the same time.

Content marketing should be balanced, and a small part of your digital marketing strategy. It is best to publish content which provides meaningful insights while being readable at the same time.

No client wants to go through numerous pages full of content to discover what they are looking for.  Most clients want to be able to get straightforward information, that gets to the point as quickly as possible.

Do your best to add pieces that are essential, and without fluff. If a written piece has substantial value and is readable after months, you will keep receiving benefits in the long-run. 

Brand Stuffing

Most companies fill their marketing channels with promotional messages directed towards their brand. It is best to make the messages more customer-centric and less self-promotional.

If all your ad does is brag about the brand, customers might not be able to personally connect to it. 

Renting Email Lists

Basically, companies use this to send emails to non-consenting email users. This results in spam complaints from the users and becomes a source of annoyance.

Instead, you could ask your customers to subscribe to newsletters or other marketing campaigns. 


If you have noticed that you are not generating as many clients, you should analyze your marketing strategy. A top reason why your potential customers don’t take an interest in your business is the lack of appeal.

Upgrading your marketing strategy can be revolutionary for your business.


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