How To Design A High Converting Landing Page?

by Mellonie Francis Tue Mar 10

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A high converting landing page could be a game changer for your business. It could the one thing that takes you from $100k to $1m. Creating a landing page is not difficult, but creating a high converting landing page is an art. In this article, we present you with 9 methods to help you create a high-converting landing page!

1. Write a Catchy Headline

Numerous business visionaries erroneously accept that it’s their body copy that convinces a buyer to purchase an item. 

Many consumers will read through the whole copy on your landing page. However, some users will not even go beyond the headline. 

In the event that it’s a convincing, enticing headline, those buyers may tap on the “Purchase” button right away. They are as of now persuaded that you offer what they need. 

A frail feature, then again, will pursue buyers directly to the leave button. They won’t sit around survey the remainder of your copy since they don’t trust you have anything of significant worth to offer. 

The objective is consistently to catch consideration. On the off chance that you can’t do that, you can’t anticipate that shoppers should convert into buyers. 

2. Add an Attractive Subheading

A subheading ought to be receptive to the feature above. It may expand on the guarantee or offer or give subtleties that can assist purchasers with solving their queries. 

You can make buyers’ psyches feel relaxed in your subheading by building up validity, handling a particular complaint, or utilizing social confirmation. 

You would prefer not to sell too clearly in your subheading. Tone down any high-pressure deals support characteristic language that will speak to your objective market.

3. Establish a Visual Focus

Landing pages aren’t just about content. Actually, many function admirably with negligible content since they use incredible symbolism. 

Your company’s Values, Culture & Belief: These qualities should be present on the image that you put on your landing page.

A hero picture frequently functions admirably for landing pages. Enormous, powerful symbolism can make a visual concentration for the possibility and impart a prompt feeling in that person. 

4. Emphasise What You Can Offer

You likely realise that bulleted and numbered lists make the content increase readability. They’re simpler to pursue than squares of content and, along these lines, make content simpler to peruse. 

Be that as it may, they additionally draw attention to themselves. Visit any site and scan through the page. On the off chance that there’s a bulleted list, you’ll likely notice that your eye will attract towards it right away. 

You can utilize this information on your landing page to attract the consumer towards the most significant things, for example, the advantages you offer. Separate them into visual cues to make them progressively attractive. 

5. Provide More than one Methods of Contact

While you would prefer not to over-burden your guest with links, you would prefer not to lose potential business, either. A few customers should come back to purchase your items. They’re simply not prepared at this point. 

To do what needs to be done for future deals, furnish the consumer with numerous techniques for contact. They’re now on your site, yet enable them to interface with your by means of web-based social networking. You can likewise give your telephone number and email address. 

6. Offer a Guarantee

Nothing converts more consumers more dependable than an assurance. It eases the heat off on the grounds that your client doesn’t need to stress over losing anything. In the event that they discover no incentive in the item, they can recover their cash. 

In any case, you must be cautious with guarantees. You don’t need individuals to exploit your offer, take advantage from it, and pay no cash. Therefore, time-bound offers with specific conditions commonly work best.

7. Establish Social Proof

Social confirmation helps make landing pages convert all the more dependably on the grounds that it builds up that other individuals have found your products to valuable. You’re not simply some common organization — you’re a genuine business person with remarkable products under your umbrella. 

You can offer social evidence in a few different ways. 

To start with, if you’ve at any point been distributed by a prominent production, don’t spare a moment to make reference to it. You’ll show believability since possibilities will see that different distributions have approved your cases. 

You can likewise post online reviews of your item. In the event that somebody has left a shining review on your site, sent it to your email address, or added it to a survey collector site, make a point to distribute it. 

8. Print Trustworthy Testimonials

Testimonials are another type of social verification. Solicit your clients what they think from your computerized items. At the point when they answer, distribute the best ones on your presentation page. 

If possible, incorporate the individual’s complete name. A photo and a connect to that individual’s site or online networking record is better. It shows that you didn’t simply make up a testimonial, yet earned it genuinely. 

Remember that individuals can regularly smell deception. Try not to get your loved ones to compose false tributes. On the off chance that you don’t have any yet, hold up until you get a few. 

Furthermore, ensure that the testimonial originates from the particular item you’re attempting to sell. You don’t need there to be any conflict between the testimonial’s wording and your portrayal of the item.

9. Make Sure the Page Loads Fast

Quick loading times are fundamental for landing pages, particularly since numerous individuals will arrive on them from cell phones. On the off chance that the page takes five seconds to stack, you’ll most likely lose the possibility. 

Utilize the smallest potential pictures, for example, to decrease their weight. Try not to include more content or designs than would normally be appropriate. 


A landing page if designed correctly can boost your leads, traffic, and overall conversion. The landing page would need to attract the consumer’s attention and made in an attractive fashion.


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